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Electronic live performance

Creation 2022

Duration: 35' at 40′

Artistic direction and music: Hervé Birolini

François Donato: Music

Original booklet by Dominique Petitgand

Recorded voice: Denis REY

A play at the crossroads of radio drama, Live Electronics performance and anticipation cinema.

Nikola Tesla, dedicated his life to imagining the many faces of electricity. He saw the extraordinary capabilities that humanity could expect from this energy, but somehow he got a little lost along the way, in the infinite intertwining of possibilities. As an inventor and engineering genius, he was responsible for countless tools of modern civilization and remains one of the greatest minds that humanity has ever known.

We don't want to tell the story of Nikola Tesla. Rather, we want to uncover the raw material, bring out some of the notions that made the daily life of this genius inventor, immerse ourselves in a poetic way in the story of what his thoughts could have been. The device: a mixed field of 16 omnidirectional loudspeakers surmounted by Tesla coils, a few discreet lights to guide the ear and the original booklet by Dominique Petitgand who dreamt in words the universe of this tireless researcher.